Responsible Travel

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things” – Henry Miller

Travel is a voyage of discovery – inwardly of ourselves, and outwardly when we mingle with new people, experience different cultures and journey through unexplored landscapes. Our considerable experience in Africa has meant we are very aware of the need to balance the excitement of this discovery with a sensitivity to the environment in which the discovery is being made.

We know that our guests want to immerse themselves in unique African experiences, but this needs to be in a manner that fosters a positive impact on the individuals, local communities, wildlife and the environment. This is responsible travel, and is at the heart of everything that we do.

It is common knowledge that Africa continues to face substantial challenges for its people and its wildlife – but the good news is that responsible travel has the potential to be a considerable force for change and improvement. Having lived and worked in many areas across Africa, we have seen first-hand the substantially positive impact tourism can have both in terms of conservation, and with regard to the communities of the people in these remote areas. Many projects that help sustain these areas just would not be possible without it.

So, what does it all mean?

    • Well, essentially, it’s ensuring that there is a balance to the travel equationeverybody benefits. Travellers fully submerge themselves in the multidimensional flavours of Africa, while at the same time helping facilitate an improvement in the situation for the local people – giving them the power to use tourism to their advantage.
    • And it’s about partnerships. Wherever possible, African Avenue has built relationships with individuals, lodges, hotels, camps and companies that share its vision, and that make every effort to keep their environmental footprint to a minimum while supporting local communities and conservation in a meaningful way.
    • It is working with the community and organisational leaders to establish what it is that they need, and then together finding ways to assist them in achieving their goals in a manner that promotes integrity and dignity.
    • And it’s about making a meaningful contribution. When you travel with us, you will support and directly contribute to conservation and an improvement in the lives of the community.
    • We need to give tourism, conservation and wildlife an economic value so as to preserve it for the future generations we leave behind. When communities see value in their environment and the potential of tourism, it will help them to be more passionate about protecting what they have.